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Payroll Forms & Information

Thank you for choosing ProMed as part of your career planning. We strive to provide high-value service to each and everyone of our candidates. 

pdfPayroll Process

pdfTime Sheet - Please fill in the details of your employment, have it signed by your employer and then fax, mail or hand deliver a copy to your ProMed office.

Employee Portal

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Employee Portal

If you injure yourself at work

Always follow safe work practices, procedures and rules at an assignment. Should an injury occur:

  • Get first aid immediately, if needed
  • Tell your supervisor at the assignment and ProMed about the injury immediately
  • All ProMed employees are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, following all safety rules to avoid injury.

Checking in for work

It is important to advise your consultant of:

  • Your availability (call once a week)
  • If you have found a permanent position - it is customary to give one weeks notice
  • If you accept an assignment with another agency, let us know when your assignment is finishing and when we may reach you during the day to book you into another assignment

Let us know how your ProTemps/ProTegé assignment is going

Once you have settled into your assignment, call your consultant to let them know how things are progressing. As well, leave us the direct line or extension number where you can be reached should ProMed need to contact you.