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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on a question to reveal the answer.

Please click on a question to reveal the answer.

What steps should I take in order to gain employment through ProMed?

The first step would be to submit your resume to one of our recruiters. Depending on your qualifications, one of our recruiters will contact you to book you in for an interview to discuss what type of new career opportunity you are looking for. The current positions we have available are posted under the Job Postings section of our website.

How long does it take before I am presented with a potential position?

Placement time can vary depending on numerous factors. Depending on the position applied for, candidates may find they have been presented with an opportunity very quickly. Others may find that the process can take a while longer or possibly not at all. It is important that your resume highlights your skills and qualifications so that recruiters are able to represent you in the best light. Copies of any transcripts, tickets or certifications will also help us to get a better picture of your skills.

ProMed makes every effort to assist our candidates in finding the right position that matches their qualifications and job expectations.

Am I expected to be in contact with my recruiter once I have registered?

Contact with your recruiter is essential to the placement process. Discuss with your recruiter the frequency in which the two of you should be in touch, and the method that works best for both of you whether it is by email or phone.

When in contact with your recruiter please let them know of any changes that have occurred, for example, did you take a course that has increased your skills? Also, let them know if any basic information you had previously provided has changed ex. your phone number, address, etc.  If you are on an assignment always notify your recruiter ahead of time if you know your contract is coming to end or if you will miss work for any reason.

What should I do if I get more than one job offer and one of them is presented by ProMed?

We realize that nowadays candidates are exploring every avenue available to find a fulfilling and successful career. We ask that you are upfront with your recruiter in regards to any offers that may come along so that we may assist you in choosing the right position for you. There may be an opportunity to negotiate a better offer with our client if we are aware of other offers you may have pending. Communication with your recruiter is always in your best interest.

Should I tell my recruiter if I accept a new position?

Absolutely, communication with our recruiters doesn’t need to end once you have found a new position. The choice is yours to decide whether you would like to remain active and be presented on future positions or if you would like to deactivate your file altogether. Should you choose to deactivate your file and you find yourself in a position where you are in need of employment again all it would take is a simple phone call to reactivate your file. We will always assist you with any questions or decisions you are faced with regardless of who you are working for. Communication with your recruiter is always in your best interest.

What is the best way to prepare myself for an interview?

Contact your recruiter with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your upcoming interview. Your recruiter will provide you with a detailed job description along with any additional information including corporate culture, environment or research material that they may have. ProMed will make every effort to assist you in any of your future job opportunities regardless of how you achieved your interview, whether it is through ProMed, on your own or through another agency.

In what way does working contract benefit my future placements?

Working as a contract or 'Temp to Perm' employee can offer many benefits. Contract work gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of work environments and industries which can offer opportunities to learn new skills and showcase your abilities, work habits and personality to a potential employer which may lead to a permanent position.

What is my obligation if a company approaches me directly during or after an assignment or interview?

Use integrity and contact your recruiter immediately so they can make an opportunity happen for you that is legal. Both you and the company ProMed has sent you to are entered into a legally binding contract.